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Please take a look at a few of your Deer Park neighbors that have had their roofs replaced by the cedar roofing contractors at Shake Guys.

Deer Park, Illinois’s premiere Cedar Roofing Experts™, Shake Guys, are renowned for their customer service and artisan craftsmanship. From renovations and storm damage restoration to repairs and annual maintenance, we are here to take care of your needs. Deer Park and its neighbors turn to Shake Guys for the very best quality and reliability.

The professionals at Shake Guys are at the forefront of their industry. Our training, tools, top grade products, in-house certified inspectors, jobsite project managers, and proprietary job management software push us to the top of the locally.

Is Your Cedar Roof in Need of Some TLC?

Deer Park residents can count on the roofers at Shake Guys to provide the very best in cedar roofing know-how. We are here for you 24/7 with the following services:

Don’t Neglect Your Cedar Roof!

A good deal of the roofing systems in Deer Park, Illinois are going through an age cycle where replacement is going to be a factor if they are not cared for. Roofs 10 to 25 years old need an annual inspection and maintenance. Older roofs may need bi-annual reviews of hail, ice-damming, and other wear and tear that may compromise the roofing system. During exams, it’s a good idea to have a cleaning as well if needed. Our experts can determine the correct course of action for each roof as every roof is unique to some degree. Age, wood grain, installation practices, lichens, tree cover, sun exposure, and ventilation are all huge factors in a roof’s individuality.

Our Deer Park customers who have signed up for our annual maintenance program have reaped the benefits of seasonal gutter cleaning and a close inspection of their shingles, flashing, siding, metal-works, and other exterior components. It’s a fantastic value that will keep a home safer and stronger — call us today for pricing.

Why not talk to the most well reviewed roofers in Deer Park?

We’re the roofing contractor who wants to earn your business via trust. Our clients, the National Roofing Contractors Association, and the Better Business Bureau all give us rave reviews. We’re willing to bet you’ll love us too!

Call Shake Guys today at (847) 278-2272

Company Summary

Shake Guys was formed in 2010 by industry veterans looking to provide unparalleled service and quality in the niche realm of cedar shake roofing systems. We know we’re innovators and have been called industry leaders by our suppliers, commercial clients, and homeowners who understand that we’re not just roofers. Shake Guys is a team of professionals and services that revolutionized a process a home/client goes thru to ensure accuracy, accountability, and satisfaction. Based in Lake Zurich, we serve the suburbs of Chicago with ease.

9 Reasons Deer Park Homeowners Choose Us:

  1. Shake Guys is Local (Lake Zurich Office)
  2. We are purely Cedar Shake Roofing Specialists
  3. We are State Licensed & Fully Insured
  4. Staffed with Haag Certified Roof Inspectors
  5. We offer 24-hour Emergency Services
  6. Our Project Managers Create Accountability
  7. We prefer to only us 100% Premium Edge Grain shakes
  8. We Go to Bat for Our Clients on Insurance Claims
  9. We’re Smart!  (Internal Education = Manuals & Videos + Hands-On Training)

Call on Deer Park’s number one cedar roofing company, Shake Guys, if you’re in need of roof renovations, have leaks, or are looking for peace of mind. (847) 278-2272

Storm Damaged Roof in Deer Park, IL

This Deer Park roof was hit by high winds in 2014. Photo from a Shake Guy roof inspection.

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