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Cedar Roofing
What really makes a house a home? For as long as people have been designing and building primitive living structures, eventually moving toward our more advanced civilization and the personal pride and feeling of comfort that comes with owning a home, we have often wondered this ourselves. Finally, we at Chicagoland’s Shake Guys, the unsurpassed, premium cedar roofing product and service provider, have discovered the one answer to this timeless question. The only word that  comes close to every possible answer variation is love — love for beauty, love for quality, and above all, love for self, because you, in essence, are what your home is made of, making your house now your home. The Shake Guys understand this philosophy, and we have been making our customers’ desires for their homes’ beauty a reality from the start.


New Cedar Roofs

We build Roofing Systems… that is to say that we construct a functioning roof with many parts that work together symbiotically. First and foremost, we create the proper ventilation to allow cedar to breathe as it needs to for longevity. Our fasters/nails are made of materials that last the test of time after being nailed to the perfect depth. Each shingle is applied with specificity, great skill, and care.

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From small patches to replaced sections, we want to do what makes sense for the general well-being of your cedar roofing system.

 Maintenance Programs

If you live in an environment that is known for its high humidity and above average annual rainfall, mildew, moss and other organisms can start growing out of the naturally organic wood of your shake or shingle roof. Our experts at Shake Guys offers maintenance programs such as biannual roof inspections and roof cleaning services, specifically catering to the intricate detail and cuts of cedar wood shakes and shingles. We also provide superb upkeep services to our customers who want that. Each program is essentially tailor made to the roof based on location, foliage accumulation, age, and so on.

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A Niche within a Niche – Steam Bent Cedar

One unique aspect of Chicagoland’s expert Shake Guys is the special skill of our craftsmen in the intricate art of steam-bent (sometimes referred to as steam-curled) cedar shake molding and installation. Each cedar shake or shingle takes approximately 15 minutes to become pliable enough through steam application to carefully fashion your roof into your unique vision. An added benefit to an investment in a steam-bent cedar shake roof is the potential for completely eliminating the need for a traditional, and sometimes tedious, home gutter system. The finished product should always be a testament to our crafters’ dedication to excellence and passion for elegance.

Free Inspections & Consultations

Our Company offers free roof and surrounding property inspections and subsequent consultations to anyone who has experienced a rather strong weather system that has since pushed itself through, usually toward the east. Our expert inspection technicians have been trained and certified to perform a 17-point Haag inspection on all adversely affected properties. Their training involves the treatment of a damaged roof as if it were a delicate crime scene, encouraging the technicians to understand the roof through the detail-capturing eyes of a forensic scientist. – Request a Free Inspection of your Cedar Roof

The Difference Is in the Cedar Product

Laurel Drive Deer Park IL

Storm Damage Client
Laurel Drive, Deer Park, IL

 Beaver Run Drive, Long Grove, IL

Storm Damage Client
Beaver Run Drive, Long Grove, IL

Cedar wood has been used by structure builders for hundreds of years (possibly thousands), and for good reason: This particular species of wood lasts a very long time, gracefully absorbs the traumas of many types of weather, and becomes all the more beautiful as time goes by. Another reason to choose cedar shingles or shakes for your home is that a proper installment of quality-made cedar roofing material is relatively low maintenance for the homeowner, who relies on the cedar wood’s oil to help naturally resist the debilitating effects of decay and insect attacks.

Our Western Red Cedar comes from Vancouver, British Columbia, where the time honored practice of log selection and hand splitting are still the norm. At Shake Guys, we make it a personal mission to educate our clients about our cedar products of choice, 100% Premium edge grain shakes. We discourage “shingles” due to their thinner cuts. Thicker material is stronger and edge grain adds to it while deterring curls, hail damage, and warping.

Our number one priority for our customers in the Chicago suburbs is that they come away from their experience with Shake Guys wanting to tell their family and friends how much they enjoyed our services and love the work that we did for them. Our cedar roof shakes will provide you, the valued consumer, the unsurpassed benefit of strength, resistance and high insulation value.

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High Standard of Premium Service

One of our most important goals for every customer we collaborate with is to meet a standard of 100 percent satisfaction by going above and beyond all possible and known customer expectations. Giving 100 percent of ourselves to give you, our customer, what you want, is not enough. Our high standard of customer service involves so much more, including, but not limited to:

  • Constant demonstration of excellent work ethic by designers and craftsmen
  • Reliable work performance
  • High value of crafting expertise
  • Friendly and courteous staff members
  • Dedication to sharing the many benefits of cedar wood shakes

For every one of our valued customers in Chicago’s suburbs and the surrounding region, acquiring the most desirable roof initially starts with a vision and an unwavering desire to fall in love with the house once again. For this very reason, we will provide you with a free estimate of how much material, manpower and finances it will take to furnish what you have envisioned from the very beginning. After carefully scrutinizing all the available shake or shingle cuts, fasteners and flashing combinations for your particular home’s architectural style, and after making your final, educated decision, we will start the construction process.

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