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Metalwork provides an original, personalized and custom look for your home. Copper accents, particularly, accent wood, brick or stone in unique ways that create appealing focal points.

The Shake Guys use copper to make:

  • Flashings. These functional items help waterproof your home by keeping water out of seams where various elements come together. For example, flashings might be used where you roof meets your home’s outer walls. No element of your home is more functional than flashings, but don’t overlook them as a way to add a touch of elegance and style. The Shake Guys can create a roof plan that includes your flashings even as they continue to provide waterproofing protection for your home.
  • Gutters. More than something that just has to be cleaned twice a year, gutters are pieces of metal that already are featured prominently around your home’s perimeter. Why not add a touch of class with copper facing?
  • Paneling covers large areas of your home as a functional element. Add a dash of elegance as you add copper to your metal paneling.
  • Trims. Metal trim — like stonework or wood trim — on a home often is used solely to enhance visual aesthetics. The right metal trim reflects a glint of sunlight and catches your gaze in just the right way. The Shake Guys can use copper to make your trims stand out with an additional dash of style.

The allure of copper

What is it about copper that’s so enticing? Perhaps it’s the way it shines in the sun. Maybe it’s the eye-catching color that hints of the earth’s rich bounty. One of the oldest metals known to man, copper has long been put to a variety of uses requiring both beauty and durability. At Shake Guys, we help set the standard for elegance in your neighborhood by combining durable, rich copper with cedar shake — a perfect union.

Our coppersmiths emphasize the strengths and natural beauty of your home with copper sheet metal, turning functional — and often unsightly — portions of your home into appealing complements. With the care of artisan masters and the knowledge of engineers, the Shake Guys team produces the perfect copper-accented cedar shake roofs for clients in the Chicagoland area.

The unmatched physical characteristics, strength and beauty of copper have made it a premier choice for contemporary home decor, both inside and outside, in recent years. Why is copper so appealing?

  • It’s environmentally friendly, sustainable and can be completely recycled.
  • Copper architecture is extremely low-maintenance.
  • It resists corrosion and withstands a variety of weather conditions like a champ.
  • It ages with grace.
  • It’s known to resist damage from germs, fungus and bacteria.
  • Used in HVAC systems, it can improve the quality of the air in your home.
  • It’s highly durable and rarely needs replacing.
  • It has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

A modern accent with a rich history

The shop of the modern coppersmith is a product of history combined with new technology. And, what a rich history it is. Copper has been in use for at least 10,000 years, and some scholars estimate that it was first discovered in the Middle East as early as 9000 B.C.

Ancient people discovered the near-magical properties of copper and put it to work. They found that this versatile metal possessed great beauty, strength and durability while remaining free of rust, and they used it in both buildings and in works of art.

So prized was copper by the ancient world that an entire period of history bears its name: The Copper Age. Today, Shake Guys is helping usher in a new age of copper with a mix of classic and new technologies. We use the latest computers and software to plan our copper creations then bring them to life with old-fashioned methods: using torches, hammers and other handheld tools to get the perfect look, shape and fit.

For beauty and durability, choose copper

If you’re in the Chicagoland area, the Shake Guys can help you add a dash of durability and improved aesthetics to your roof with copper. Starting off shiny and bright, copper ages in a beautiful way, taking on various natural hues before developing a beautiful greenish patina. This unique aging quality is one of the reasons copper is so highly sought as an accent for elegant homes.

Copper is long-lasting as a restoration/renovation roofing metal and can be used in conjunction with other roofing materials like tile, slate and cedar shake installed by a knowledgeable cedar roofing contractor. Why install a roof that will last for many decades but use metal accents that only last for a few years and may need replacement several times during the life of your roof? With some metal accents, sealant is used over the joints. With copper, the Shake Guys can solder the seams at the joints for maximum durability.

Copper: Environmentally friendly and green

Copper is “green” in another way, as well: It’s earth-friendly and environmentally sustainable. The green building movement advocates the most efficient possible use of the earth’s resources, along with building methods that are environmentally responsible and that boost human health.

Green building design begins with the plans for a building and includes the design phase along with construction, maintenance, any renovation, and even eventual demolition of a structure. The goals are long-term performance, comfort, durability and sustainability, along with minimization of pollutants and consumption.

Nearly all designs for green buildings feature copper architecture and components prominently. Plumbing, solar panels, wiring, roofing, flashing, chimneys, gutters, duct work and more benefit from the strategic use of copper. In fact, use of copper can add significantly to points toward the prestigious LEED certification that designates an environmentally friendly, sustainable building. The beauty of copper also ensures that such buildings maintain the best possible visual appeal even as they maximize efficiency and performance.

Accent your roof with the timeless beauty of copper

If you’re in the greater Chicagoland area, the Shake Guys can provide you with a free consultation on how you can accent your roof with the beauty and durability of copper. You can also request a quote today.

Copper is a gorgeous metal that gives your home a unique, customized look. Copper can be one of the priciest of metals used in roofing; the Shake Guys can explain how you can affordably incorporate copper accents to get the shine, look and luster without the astronomical price tag.

The skill of coppersmithing becomes more rare as time passes, but the Shake Guys are keeping this tradition alive. Learn more how the cedar roofing experts at the Shake Guys can provide you with a beautiful, durable, custom roof that brings you the perfect balance of copper and cedar shake.

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