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shake guys commericial project
Commercial Cedar Roof Project
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Commercial Roof Foreman 50 Feet Up
foreman on the scene
Commercial Production – Foreman on the Scene
shake guy sawing lumber
Cedar Roof in Production
sawing cedar shakes
The Last Cut in Production
shake guys commercial property
Finished Commercial Property

Our Gallery

No other roof type could portray the same beauty or make the same statement of quality quite like cedar. At Shake Guys we work with you hand-in-hand to create, install, and maintain your hand-crafted cedar shake roof with minimal disruption to your everyday business. Here, you can see pictures and videos that give you an insight to our cedar roofing process.

Video Portfolio

Shake Guys Commercial Project Showcase, Commercial Cedar Roof Solutions. Whether you're a property manager or a building owner, we will work with you hand-in-hand to install and maintain your roof minimal disruption to your everyday business.

Shake Guys Commercial Project Showcase

Shake Guys Residential Showcase, Artistically crafted with timeless beauty and style: Residential cedar shake roofs have been enchanting homes around the world hundreds of years. Hand-crafted cedar shake roofs have the ability to transport homes into a realm of beauty that can only be described as wondrous. Roofs of this caliber are an opportunity for a master craftsman to make a statement with his work that is both poetic and elegant. Video showcase, video portfolio, gallery, Roofing, Cincinnati, Shake Guys, Cedar Shake, Cedar Shake Roofs, Cedar Shingles, Home with cedar roof, cedar roof installation

Shake Guys Residential Showcase

Steam-bent cedar Shakes and shingles are an essential component in these geometrically complex, wavy and undulating roof lines. No other roof type could garner any more attention both in the creating and in the captivating open mouth stares they receive. Steam-bent cedar, cedar shingles, cedar shakes

Residential Showcase: Steam Bent Cedar Roof

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