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Price Match Guarantee

Show us a competitor’s written quote and we’ll match or beat it… Apples to Apples

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What is the Price Match Guarantee?

Shake Guys was founded on the belief that building the finest cedar shake roofs starts with offering the best products, unrivaled customer service, a solid warranty, and the strength to never compromise on quality. This means that we won’t always be the low bid because corner cutting on products that need to last a lifetime is against our grain.

In short, we’ll match or beat any other quote. To be clear, the other quote must be comparable in terms of more than just the shake quality used. A roofing system has components that we WILL NOT sacrifice quality on just to save money. Most roofing companies will cut corners and purchase generic sub-standard products to keep prices low. The result is a roof that will not last as long and may even void the product warranty.

It’s Important when comparing apples to apples to look for a company that still provides more!

Our Overall Value Will Always Break a Tie

Shake Guys naturally adds extra value to its pricing that others don’t. Our clients can rest assured that they’ll receive the best experience from start to finish thanks to our sales and project management teams going above any beyond. Shake Guys is one of just a handful of companies in the US that put project managers in charge of every build and repair? That’s a person at your house to ensure the work is done correctly, the property was made safe and cleaned-up properly, homeowner questions get answers, and accountability is there. Our crews go to greater length to see that a job is completed in a timely manner (at least 1 full day less that the average cedar roofing company) and spend far more time securing the premises (tarps, cones, window protectors, and more). Should an older roof have storm damage, our sales team has the training and insurance policy understanding to work with insurers to pass claims that others can’t or won’t. This service is 100% complimentary.

What the Price Match Guarantee is NOT

Shake Guys NEVER compromises on quality!

The Price Match Guarantee is not a tool to win business by lowering quality. We won’t match a price because our competitors choose to use cheap sub-par products that we simply wouldn’t use. It’s our belief that no roof should be skimped on in such a way as to affect its integrity.

We will happily look over the competitions quote to see where they are cutting corners and advise homeowners accordingly. Consumer protection starts with knowledge.

Our Price Match Guarantee WON’T be a bad apple by cutting corners on:

Flashing – Many roofers won’t install proper flashing to get the water to shed off a roof correctly.

Ice Shield – Not putting ice shield on the eaves to prevent wind-driven rain and melting ice and snow from leaking through the roof deck can really make a mess of things.

Factory made Ridge Caps – Many roofers will make their own ridge caps with scrap shakes. This costs more in labor time, stretches out the project, and delivers a less sound ridge cap.

Felt – Felt liner is essential for keeping moisture off the decking of a roof but it also needs to be one that lasts the test of time.

Ventilation – Many roofers do not address proper ventilation. A cedar roof needs to breathe!

Caulking – Not all roofers will address other potential leak issues and the need for fresh caulking around vents, flashing, skylights, etc.

Avoid the Rotten Apples

There are two different scenarios to look out for when dealing with a price match. We want consumers to have good insider advice before choosing a roofer for a large repair or full replacement. Be on the look-out for low-ballers and big talkers!


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